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Top 6 Dangers of Selling Your Car Privately

Cash For Cars San Diego CEO, Derek Emery has been buying and selling cars in San Diego County for over 30 years. When he started Cash For Cars San Diego website, he wanted to develop a business that made it easy for private parties to sell their used cars without having to deal with the hassles and lengthy wait associated with a dealership. Today, Cash For Cars San Diego buys vehicles of all makes and models, whether or not they are perfect running condition. In addition, Cash For Cars San Diego has built a reputation in the industry as the leading company for customer service and paying more cash for cars than anyone else in San Diego County and Southern California.

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Your personal safety is at risk when you have somebody yo dont know coming to your house to look at your car and then they want to test drive it. You have no choice but to go with them. Holding the keys to their car while they drive off in yours is a bad idea. nWhayt if their car is a rental? Or borrowed? Or worse, stolen? If they damage your car are their keys really going to do you any good?

OK, so now you're in the passenger seat of your car with someone you wouldn't even talk to at Starbuck's. People have a tendency to drive a car they are considering buying much harder than they normally would to "see what it can do." I know from personal experience this can be scary. Picture in your mind that maniac friend of yours with whom you hate driving. Oh yeah, I almost forgot my personal favorite, hygiene. It may sound funny but I think you are getting the idea.


In order for someone to contact you, you'll have to give out your phone number. These days most everyone uses a cell phone. If you get a call from a blocked number, the caller already knows a lot more about you than you do about him. Remember, once someone has called your cell phone from their cell phone, they have your number forever and people tend to misdial or call at all hours. Giving out your home address just isn't a good idea for several reasons. Honest people tend to reveal their schedules when making an appointment; "I am never home before six" for example. This bad habit could give away valuable information to many prospective buyers who may not be as honest as you. What if something goes wrong with the transaction? Nobody wants a visit from an irate buyer.


There are several ways to get paid for your car when you sell it privately and all can have difficulties. A common scam is payment with an official looking, bogus cashier's check. You take it as payment, deposit it into your account and in about two weeks when you're car is long gone it bounces and your bank charges your account. The most obvious is cash but this method is not always problem free. Where do you conduct this cash transaction with an unpredictable stranger? We have already discussed the problems with your home. At a public place? Fine, but you don't know who might follow you home with this new cash in your pocket. A personal check is out of the question and you're probably not set up to accept credit cards or ATM.


In California, the license plates stay with car. Meaning, in the case of a private sale, you give the title and it is incumbent upon the new registered owner to complete the transfer into his name in a timely manner. This doesn't always happen because it entails additional expense on his part. If he then gets parking tickets, toll booth or any kind of photographic violations it comes back to you. Yes, you can prove that the car is no longer yours but involves going to court which can cost you money in the form of missed work. There are special release of liability forms that must be carefully filled out to avoid this. Also, the law requires that you must have your car smogged with 90 days of the sale. This is not easy if your car is not running right or the "Check Engine" light is on. When you sell your car to us we legally give you a full release of liability, on the spot. Also, we take all cars, smogged or not.


Let's face it, it's a used car. Chances are you are selling because there is something wrong with it or there might be something wrong with it that you don't even know about. What if you sell your car and it breaks down the next day or so and the buyer wants money back? Or revenge? Refer to Danger #2: They know where you live. When you sell you car to us we buy it "As-Is', nothing more is required on your part.


It's not as easy as you think to write an effective, accurate ad to sell your car. Plus it costs money to advertise and can take quite a bit of time. When you sell your car to us it is, HASSLE FREE, we take care of everything.